Empowering the manufacturing ecosystem with digital maturity to enhance productivity, reduce costs and improve profitability.


Stagnation or inaction is not an option whether or not you have joined Industry 4.0 race for innovation. Regardless of the size of your organisation and digital strategy maturity you simply can't afford sitting back and watch how the fourth industrial revolution plays out for the rest of the manufacturing world.

Reserve Bank of India reported that 1734 manufacturing companies posted Rs 47,100 crores in Q3 FY2019, which is 23.4% more than what they had last year. This was during industry 3.0 and the figures show the success of technology adoption even at sub-optimal levels. India is now all geared up for Industry 4.0 where machines will be equipped with the ability to communicate.

Industry 4.0 is a blend of analytics , big data, robotics and automation , AI, IoT and process digitalisation which would help to enhance production capacity and its quality, shorten production cycle, reduce time to market , better experience for customers and employees, tighten supply chain and reduce lead times. We all know the benefits Industry 4.0 has to offer but there are also a set of challenges that industry will face. How to unlock value from data, how do we integrate IT & OT to make data secure, upskilling talent etc. Inventicon's Manufacturing Transformation Summit - Industry 4.0 will help you make sense of the evolving industry 4.0 trends and what you should be doing today in order to become the manufacturer of tomorrow.



  • Case Study: Physical meets digital on the factory floor- Introducing factory digitalization step by step
  • Leveraging the right industry 4.0 technologies to bring scalable interoperability and upgrade your legacy systems
  • Unlocking the power of industrial IOT and Artificial Intelligence: Implementing Industry 4.0 technologies to drive transformation and operational excellence
  • Digital Supply Chain: How do you make your supply chain more efficient, agile and customer-focused?


  • Functional Heads of:
    • Manufacturing & Operations
    • Supply Chain
    • IT
    • Production & Design
    • R&D
    • Innovation
    • Engineering
    • Operational Excellence


  • Learn how India is preparing for Industry 4.0
  • Getting insights on factory digitalization step by step
  • Understanding the power of industrial IOT and Artificial Intelligence to drive operational excellence and drive transformation
  • Managing your investments during your digital transformation journey
  • Evaluating current skillsets of your employees and learning how to equip them for the digital wave

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